Please note: Our next virtual breakfast will be held on January 22, 2021.

Save The DateApril 23, 2021

Our Wise Women

The following are women that have made an important contribution to the growth of our community, as well as our organization. We’re hoping that one day you’ll join them on our list!

January 22, 2021
Nancy Aichholz, Aviatra Accelerators
Pam Battle, GE Aviation
Asha Belarski, GE Aviation
Sara Bolton, The Health Collaborative
Jasmine Brown, Gillette
Kelly Chasteen, The Cincinnati Insurance Companies
Brandi Elliott, University of Cincinnati
Kate Henn, GE Aviation
Courtney Kasselman, GE Aviation
Crystal Kendrick, The Voice of Your Customer
Sarah Lewis, US Bank
Kathleen Oliphant, Lumeris
Michele Pfeiffer, GE Aviation
Sarah Pickle, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
Anna Saalfeld, P&G
Natalie Stone, Engine Alliance
Tricia Sunders, American Heart Association