Our Wise Women

The following are women that have made an important contribution to the growth of our community, as well as our organization. We’re hoping that one day you’ll join them on our list!

October 22, 2021
Paula Slagle, U.S. Bank
Candace Novak Sabers, UC Health
Stephanie Hogue
Jaimee Fields-Colvin
Wijdan Reisat, Katz Teller
Medina Rahman, BeiGene, USA
Dwonna Lenoir, LiveWell Group, LLC
Tia Patterson, BeiGene, USA
Linda Jacobs, P&G
Crystal Sekerak, P&G
Beth Willis, Mental Health Professional
Ashley Morgan, Walnut Hills School
Maria Sulcer, UC Linder Center of Hope
Marcie Warrington, Marcie Warrington Coaching
Barbara Thompson, Beckett Springs Behavioral Health
Amanda Shaw, Mental Health America of Northern Kentucky & Southwest Ohio
Kara Atwell, Program Director Mental Health & Criminal Justice
Deanna Vietze, Brown County Board of Mental Health and Addiction Services